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PAYMATE® solutions are designed and engineered based on our over 25 years of leadership in enhancing the point-of-sale experience for your customers and innovating to secure and protect your POS equipment investment.

Our dynamic collection of stands offer advanced patented features including tilting, rotation, height adjustability and PIN-entry security with a variety of installation / mounting options.

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360° Series

The 360 Series is Maintech’s ultimate solution for delivering payment device security. Built on over 20 years of experience in understanding the needs of your employees and customers, this series provides full 360 degree rotation and tilting to provide the most comprehensive payment experience possible.

cable management 360° rotation
& tilting
mounting options

180° Series

Our 180° stand Series has been carefully designed to provide a feature rich solution for securing your payment device, including 180 degree rotation and tilting, accommodating your customer’s needs.

cable management 180° rotation
& tilting
mounting options

Pick Up Stands

Being able to provide a positive checkout experience for those with special needs is likely an important part of your brand signature. We have created flexible solutions that may be used in place or offer maneuverability and come with the added security of a straight or coiled cable.

straight or coiled
cable security

Low Profile Stands

Your checkout area may be configured such that a low profile stand may be more advantageous as it sits lower on the counter than a pole stand. These stands offer the ability to rotate the terminal and/or PIN pad, and the flexibility to sit on the counter on rubber feet or be fastened with double-sided tape or screws.

180° rotation
& tilting
unobtrusive design high flexibility

Drive-Thru Stands

The drive-thru has become an increasingly tempting target for thieves. It’s why Maintech has helped revolutionize the security capabilities for the PIN pad in this environment. We have developed a virtually indestructible ballistic nylon strap and keepers that secure the PIN pad data cable offering a tough to beat solution you can rely on.

ballistic nylon strap

Monitor & Keyboard Stands

Every retailer has unique challenges and space issues at the checkout. It’s why we’ve designed and engineered a line of stands that is as versatile as your needs without the need for custom design. These include various pole heights, counter and rail mounts, as well as variety of monitor and keyboard arm lengths.

various pole heights,
counter and rail mounts
various monitor and
keyboard arm lengths

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