Case Study: Costco


Custom design for Costco cash lanes
Costco employed a device that was ideal for their needs but not that commonly used in the retail environment. As a result, we were required to evaluate the position of the device for secure mounting and usability. This required us to custom design a higher pole stand with a bent base plate to position it as close to the checkout conveyor belt as possible.

Intuitive solution for new cash lane.
The device was strategically positioned by the cheque writing stand for categorical grouping and user friendliness. The cheque writing stand was and is used for signing credit card bills which were swiped at the terminal location. Viewable ergonomics were addressed by utilizing a custom tilt plate for this device to allow users of different heights to easily view the information presented on the terminal displays.

The Benefits:

  • Custom design to suit client’s needs
  • Security without compromising ergonomics
  • Adaptive rollout allowed for blanket ordering, manufacturing and direct shipment

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