Common Problems

Limiting Downtime
from Damaged

Limiting Downtime from Damaged Terminals

How to Avoid

Damaged Terminals

Our team of design and manufacturing professionals understand your challenges when it comes to protecting your terminals from damage, security breaches and theft. Here are three smart steps you can take to avoid potential problems:

Step A

Absolutely key to ensuring your terminals are protected from potential damage is a smartly designed secure stand.

Step B

Adding advanced security measures like locks and alarms can make a dramatic difference in limiting downtime from damaged terminals.

Step C

Extend the life of your terminal, prevent accidents and misuse by using a stand that has been intuitively designed and engineered to protect your investment.

Downtime Impact

To Employee Productivity

If you have a terminal stolen or damaged, not only will your customer service be disrupted, the productivity of your employees will be affected. Having the right stands and security features can go a long way to ensuring your employees do what they do best: serve your customers.

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Downtime Impact

On Reputation and Loyalty

Customer loyalty takes years to cultivate. If your operation is hit with downtime due to damaged terminals, the relationships you’ve worked so hard to build could be impacted, affecting sales, profits and long-term success.

Downtime Impact

On Revenue

Avoid The Financial Impact

According to a survey conducted by Forrester Research the hourly cost of downtime for a typical company can range from $10,000 to $1 million! We can help you avoid the financial impact of downtime with leading edge solutions that are proven effective.

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Maintech has envisioned and engineered today’s most advanced solutions for terminals, monitors and keyboards to ensure your business isn’t compromised.

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