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Creating The Best Point-of-sale Experience

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Our intuitively designed and engineered POS stands enhance the experience of your customers and your associates.

In today’s competitive retail environment, you need everything to work just right to create the best point-of-sale experience possible for your customers. Ensuring that the moment of transaction is smooth, safe and secure for your customer is an integral part of their satisfaction and peace of mind.

Maintech designs and manufactures solutions to enhance employee functionality as well as stands that enable the easiest and most private transactions possible for your customers. Our solutions work with all major pin pads, tablets, monitors, keyboards and cash registers. We provide a complete solution to ensure your technology is working with you.

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Understanding Workflows

Make Efficient Transactions a Reality


Creating an Efficient Buying Space

Your customers and your staff want the transaction process to be enjoyable and efficient. The easier you are able to make the experience, the happier your customers. We’ve worked with many of North America’s leading retailers to deliver solutions that drive productivity and profits by making the most efficient use of your transaction space.

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Data Safety

Protect Your Customers' Data

The reality is that protecting your customer data is good business. If your customers’ data is breached or stolen, it’s also your reputation that could be lost.

Our stands are designed to deter thieves from targeting your terminals, and our Paymate Secure Alarm Systems adds a complete level of comfort by locking down and alarming them. Built-in features like flexible privacy shields instill confidence in your customers and help maintain your good name.

Checkout Experience

Creating a Positive Customer Checkout Experience

Your brand is everything and every customer touch point is critical in maintaining and building your relationship. This is especially true at the checkout, where shoppers expect their transactions to be a positive experience, not a challenge.

Maintech brings over 25 years of experience in assisting major retail organizations in fulfilling their brand promise in the checkout space. We help analyze the overall flow, right down to the details of the keyboard stands and monitor mounts for your staff. We collaborate with your team, and can create the right solution for any technology you are leveraging. Our professional team will help from the early planning stages, through the design and engineering phase, right through to installation.

Safe & Secure Transactions

Maintech partners with our clients to custom design payment stands that enhance the safety and security of a transaction. We have a wide range of stands, including Pick-up, Low Profile, Pole Stands, Pockets, and Drive-Thru Solutions that work with all manufacturers of pin pads and terminals. We are the leaders in security with our Paymate Secure line of security enhancements.

Fully Functional Terminals

Like a winning sports team, every aspect of the retail experience needs to come together to fulfill a positive customer experience. This includes ensuring that terminals are fully functional for your unique needs, for example, by integrating removable terminal holders for the physically challenged.

Expediated Checkout Process

We understand the importance of considering the entire brand experience to create an expedited checkout process. We assist retailers in positioning terminals where they are most effective in providing convenience, accessibility and flexibility to customers and creating solutions with innovative features that allow efficient interaction with secure stands.

How We Can Help

Achieve the Best POS Experience for Your Business

Our core mission is to envision, design and manufacture outstanding solutions to enrich the POS experience. Find out how we can help:

We invite you to gain greater insight into how we can make a difference in your business and help you drive performance, productivity and profits by creating the best Point-of-Sale experience.

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